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BC110 V port Ball Valve
Product Name:
BC110 V port Ball Valve
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 BC110 V port Ball Valve

BC110 V port Ball Valve belongs to a fixed ball valve and is a kind of adjusting and cutting-off valve with a v-shaped notch in the ball core. The character of the partial spherical surface of the valve plate and V shaped cut increases the adjustable ratio, with shear function suitable for paper making and other industries. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, paper making, metallurgy, water treatment and other industrial sectors.

Body Size 1"(DN25)~16"(DN400)
Body Rating ANSI Class 150#~600#
Fluid Temp -45~+550℃
Connections Clip on(WF)
Body Materials WCB,CF8,CF8M,etc.
Plug Materials CF8,CF8M,etc
Seat Leakage Metal seat:ANSI Class IV(Cv×0.01%).Soft seat:ANSI Class VI
Rangeability 500:1~100:1
Flow Characteristics Approximate Eq%
Product Advantage   

1, With elastic load pressure auxiliary seal seat to ensure that the valve seat and the ball core contact tightly all the time.

2, With integral body structure, there is no possibility of potential leakage.
3,With equal percentage characteristics, and a wide range of control and particularly stable control process, suitable to be widely used in a variety of process.