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Explosion-proof air conditioner
Product Name:
Explosion-proof air conditioner
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Explosion protection to
Can be used in
Zone 1 and Zone 2
Mounting: window type, split wall type, and split tank type.
Ambient temp eratu re grou ps of T1,T2 ,T3 a re av ailab le to meet different climates all over the world. Ambient temperature T1 ranges from -7 ~43 , Ambient temperature T2 ranges from -7 ~35 , Ambient temperature T3 ranges from -7 ~52 , The explosion-proof treatment of products of T1,T2,T3 groups is based on MITSUBISHI, O GENERAL (FUJI) Carrer or GREE, User should choose the prope r product according to the local ambient temperature.
The product can adj ust ind oor tem per atu re a nd f il te r a ir automatic ally, and pro vide comfortable environment. Also, it is used to eliminate humidity and fresh the air. It can be widely used in explosive gas atmosphere of II A, II B, II C with temperature groups of T1, T2, T3, suc h as petr oleum, chemical, mine, oil storage, pharmacy, gas station, liquefied gas station,military facilities, etc..
Product of T1 group is suitable in area with medium temperature while low temperature for T2 product and high for T3 respectively.
For e xplos ion-p roof window air conditio ner, the corresponding product is the single cooling air condi tioner in T1, T3 group. For spl it tank and s plit wall types , bot h si ngle co olin g and combined heating an d cooling products in T1, T2,and T3 are available.
Normally, th e product is of T1 temperature class rated voltage is AC220V/50Hz. other voltages are available, such as AC220V/60Hz,
AC230V/50Hz, AC230V/60Hz, AC240V/50Hz, AC240V/60Hz etc. please specify when ordering.
The Technical Parameters of all kinds of air conditioners are that of T1 temperature class.
Cooling capacity
Generally, cooling c apacity of 1P (horse power) equals to 2000Kcal. Acco rding to i ntern ation al standard, cooling capacity of 1P=2000Kcal x 1.162=2324(W). W represents cooling capacity. Cooli ng capacit y of 1.5P=2000Kcal x 1.5 x 1.162=3486(W).
Therefore, it is easy to determine horse power of the air conditioner and the cooling capacity. Normally, 1P product is defined in the range of 2200(W) 2600(W); 3200(W) 3600(W) for 1.5P; 4500 (W) 5100(W) for 2P. For Brit is h uni t, it shou ld be calc ulated as follows: A(BTU) x 1.06 3.6 =B (W). For instance, 18000 (BTU) x 1.06 3.6=5300 (W), that is, 2P air conditioner. In room of 3 meters high and with out large heating unit, air conditioner of 1P, 1.5P, 2P, 3P, or 5P is suitably used in areas of 12 18, 20 25, 24 36, 30 40, 40 60(m2). Increase the cooling capacity accordingly if height of room exceeds 3 meters or there is frequent
personnel in and out.