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Explosion-proof Illumination (Power) Distribution Boxes
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Explosion-proof Illumination (Power) Distribution Boxes
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If electrical apparatus is to be used in hazardous areas, i.e. potentially explosive atmospheres, where arcing or sparking can occur, it must be protected according to IEC60079 or EN 60079 pp. by special constructional measures. We protected apparatus derives its high degree of safety through the combination of various types of protection. Thus, flameproof encapsulated devices (Ex-d), for instance, are also integrated in enclosures of the "Increased Safety" type (Ex-e). As these components are of modular design, they can be combined according to customers' requirements. The modules are inserted by simple snap-on rail mounting. Electrical apparatus with metal enclosures may be used in type "flameproof enclosure" (EE-d) without any volume limit. Up to three high-capacity apparatus with non-metal enclosures may take up an enclosure volume of up to 2000 cm3. However, the heat generated in the enclosure must be dissipated, so that the temperature on the external surface of the enclosure does not exceed the limit set by the respective temperature class.
Product Range
Our product range offers everything you're looking for – just in time: no matter whether you need a flameproof encapsulated component, an encapsulation of the components in a flameproof enclosure – or a combination of both. Whatever material you care for, we have it: Distributions are available in the most diverse materials, such as glass-fibre reinforced polyester, electro-polished stainless steel or die-cast light alloy in explosion group IIB and IIC or alternatively polyester powder-coated steel. The explosion protected we distributions are certified for hazardous areas of Zones 1 and 2. We also have the right solution for Zones 21 and 22 for you.