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Explosion-proof motor switch (starter)
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Explosion-proof motor switch (starter)
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Solid and robust, our range of triple-pole starters Ex d with overload relay will meet your needs. Motors starters our ATEX are available in three versions: With overload relay, without isolator, without fuses With overload relay, without isolator, with fuses With overload relay, with isolator, with fuses A standard envelope associated to a large range of contactors, thermal relays and of disconnecting switch with or without fusible door, allows a personalization of our starter for your application. 
Can be up to 12 poles assembly. The material of outside exposure fastener is stainless steel. Module assembled structure is used for an Ex flameproof isolation switch which is made of unsaturated reinforced polyester. The enclosure is equipped with contacts for terminals. A flameproof isolation switch module is suitable for the circuit which AC50/60Hz, rated voltage is not greater than 690V and rated current is 25A~180A. It is used for the power circuit of high short circuit current and low power factor as a manual non-frequent major switch or a general switch. Can be up to 12 poles assembly. The material of outside exposure fastener is stainless steel. Operation handle is of padlock device. The flameproof isolation switch module with black operation handle is standard type, and the one With red/yellow operation handle is emergent stop type.

Explosion protection to
Can be used in
Zone 1 and Zone 2
Zone 21 and Zone 22
Classified as IIB or IIC according to different gas atmospheres.
Copper-free aluminium enclosure; powder-coated external
Built-in MCB (mini circuit breaker), MCCB (moulded case
circuit breaker).
Electric leakage protection device is optional.